Toluse Francis was born in Nigeria. He is passionate about seeing people  live productive lives.

He has over the years helped people understand the basics of nutrition and how it affects their lives through writing, speaking and coaching.
He has diplomas in Mental Health and Human Nutrition which helps him create a balance as he works his clients .

He also helps people live through the past or present that may want to threaten their future. This is seen in his mental health help to people ranging from eating disorders to depression to mention just a few

He is deeply moved towards the total wellness of the human race.

He operates with philosophy prevention being better than cure

His health approach is a blend of healthy eating with mindset reshaping.

He believes diseases and illness can be prevented if we all eat the right thing in the right way and at the right time

He is the author is Eat Fit:a Nutritional Blueprint for Healthy Living as well as on Amazon stores worldwide.

A Blogger, writer and speaker. He blogs and has his podcasts called the Eat Fit Podcast at as well as iTunes.

He is the founder of The Eat Fit Academy​ 

Volunteering for Solid Foundation Teens and Youth Ministry since 2008

Interested in Leadership, productivity, excellence and healthy lifestyle. He has held various leadership positions in religious and secular spheres

He was a nominee in the Nigerian Writers Award of 2016 in the Health Writer of the Year Category and a recipient of the Nigeria Blogs Awards 2015 as Health Blogger of the Year.

He loves to travel, design websites, take up challenges and help people. You can reach him through the various social media plaforms​