STOP IT! my Dad screamed

For the first six years of my life, I was the only child of my parents.
I ate whatever I wanted to eat. I would be fed with tea specifically bournvita before going to school.
My mum had a cold room store hence eating fish was non-negotiable as we had them in different shapes and sizes.
I was very round so much that I was christened ‘ Bournvita’ by our neighbours.
I could choose to eat a certain food or not because my parents would indulge me.
Sadly, my sister came running Six years later and the story changed. Did she come to spoil the show?

Maybe but forgive her as she had waited many years

I grew up with that mentality that I don’t have to eat what is provided unless I love it. Imagine such a mentality. But a change occurred.

Who cares if a particular food was healthy or not?
The major concern was to have the stomach filled up. The next thing after such filing was to play football on the street.

Quantity was the order of the day and not quality. Having a bowl filled with rice without any protein supplement was preferred to having half a bowl with such.

Indulging in any form of eating whatsoever is destructive if attention isn’t paid to what you are eating.

Today, you find many young people who find it difficult to eat foods that are beneficial to their health. They would rather have junks by visiting all the fast food and eateries in town.


You cannot continue to let them have their way.
If the food isn’t harmless, eat it otherwise, got to bed.

Hunger doesn’t kill, food does at least not in 24 hours.
My father turned around someday and decided to cut my wings.
If you are not eating, go to bed. “You are in my house and we can’t cook separate meals. As long as the food is harmless, no allergies, then we are fine” were his words.

Did those words change me? Watch out for the next post

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Toluse Francis

Toluse Francis believes a healthy lifestyle is paramount for everyone. He is a long -time volunteer with Solid Foundation Teens and Youth Ministry. He loves to care for people. Toluse Francis is a Health Coach and author He is interested in seeing people eat healthy and get productive. He believes a healthy lifestyle is paramount for everyone.

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