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Causes Of Memory Loss : Dementia

What is memory loss and what are the causes? Everybody forgets things from time to time. In general, the things that you tend to forget most easily are the things that you feel do not matter as much. The things that you tend to remember most easily are the things that are important to you […]

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Halitosis…A great show stopper

Halitosis is really just a fancy word for Bad Breath. It is one of the most embarrassing and often unnoticed conditions experienced by a lot of individuals . It can be difficult to treat because in most instances a sufferer is totally unaware that they have bad breath with diagnosis often being made by an individual who […]

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After Your Workout what next?

One of the most overlooked, but critical parts of your workout is the post-workout cool down.  Immediately after your workout, don’t simply grab your belongings and leave the gym, as your heart rate is highly raised and lactic acid has been building inside your muscles. Instead, take 5 minutes to walk at a moderate pace […]

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