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Eating Disorders Treatment and Recovery

Gina battled bulimia for seven years—struggling on her own in secret—before she finally opened up to her mother. Gina wrote her a long letter explaining her shame and embarrassment, and gave her mother a book about how to deal with someone with an eating disorder. Her mother was so relieved that Gina had finally opened up, and together they sought professional help.

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My Experience

My experience with Toluse was/has been wonderful It’s two weeks now working on my diet and it been a wonderful journey for me because it has helped my constipation problem. Thanks to my  Coach who was there to put me through. And I must confess the set down diet went a long way for me. […]

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After Your Workout what next?

One of the most overlooked, but critical parts of your workout is the post-workout cool down.  Immediately after your workout, don’t simply grab your belongings and leave the gym, as your heart rate is highly raised and lactic acid has been building inside your muscles. Instead, take 5 minutes to walk at a moderate pace […]

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